Tip of the Day #24: Get Crafty with Your Wedding Emergency Kit

Tip of the Day #24: Get Crafty with Your Wedding Emergency Kit

When you see a mother taking her kids out for a day trip, she inevitably will have a baby bag stuffed with all sorts of goodies for her children including food, medicine, a change of clothes and other important items.  Similar to a well prepared mama, brides should pack a wedding emergency kit (or two) for their wedding.  It is inevitable that one of your bridesmaids will have an upset stomach, a guest's tights will snag on the corner of a chair or you will have to get your lip gloss poppin' again after hugging and kissing a receiving line of guests.  About a month out from your wedding, start preparing both a Beauty Emergency Kit as well as a Wedding Emergency Kit and have them packed and ready to go for your wedding. 

There are a few companies that sell pre-packaged beauty and general emergency kits.  If you are short on time and don't mind dropping the money for a pre-packaged kit, the kit below from Mr. and Mrs. is a great option.  For those of you ladies that want to create your own custom kits, I suggest packing the following:

Beauty Emergency Kit Clear & Light Pink Nail Polish w/ Emory Board Travel hairspray & hairbrush Hand mirror Asprin and Tums Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss Mints & gum Lip gloss and lipstick Waterproof mascara Bronzer, foundation & cover up Safety pins & bobby pins Pencils w/ erasers (break off the erasers to use as earring backs) Deoderant (spray) Vaseline Tissues, make-up remover, baby powder & baby wipes Feminine products Sewing Kit Tide To Go pen Lint roller

Wedding Emergency Kit Extension Cord Flashlight Matches Scissors Tape dots Scotch and duct tape Stapler Paper clips Envelopes Sharpie & regular pens First aid kit Super glue Extra votive candles

One of the most brilliant things to do is pack items that have multiple uses.  Here are a few of my tried and trusted favorites that wear multiple hats...

Hairspray: *Holds hair in place (brilliant!) *Spray on bottom of shoes to create a less-slippery sole; great for weddings on hardwood floors *Reduce tearing in tights or nylons with a small hole *Remove lipstick from fabric *Remove ink marks from a shirt *Extend the life of wilting flower (A quick spray on the undersides of leaves and petals helps to postpone wilting on your wedding day)

Baby Powder: *Acts as a hair powder for greasy locks; rub in and back brush to conceal the powder *Good replacement for deodorant; rub a little on normal sweat trigger points to prevent embarrassing sweat marks under arms and on lower back *For beach weddings, brush on feet to help remove sand easily *Absorb grease stains on clothing

Vaseline: *Rub on teeth to help make a long day of smiling easier *Coat on your eyelashes before bed on your wedding eve to have longer and thicker lashes *Rub on hands and feet then cover with gloves and socks for soft, touchable skin when you wake up *Rub on cuticles to soften for smooth hands *Use as a replacement for lip gloss *Use as a topical treatment for burn wounds *If your wedding is during allergy season, rub a small dab of Vaseline under your nose to prevent pollen overload *Rub on perfume trigger points before applying perfume to keep the scent lasting longer *Can be used as an eye makeup remover or applied to cheeks for a dewy glow *Can be used to loosen up rings that are stuck on a finger *Vaseline can help to take unruly eyebrows or baby hairs along the hairline; use a clean toothbrush to apply