Tip of the Day #23: Get Organized!

Tip of the Day #23: Get Organized! Whew, my sincere apologies ladies!  It has been a while since I've had a chance to post, let alone take a second to breathe.  Trade show season is in full force so my life has been {wonderfully} consumed with my full-time  job as an event planner for a media company.  Personal stories aside, I am LOVING the unique ways I have recently seen brides use to get organized for their big days.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am beyond obsessed with the online inspiration board site Pinterest.  Many of my friends are using the site to post images of design, fashion and organizational inspiration for their weddings.  I stumbled upon this ingenious idea on a friend's board earlier this week.  Instead of poring over the details and look of your escort card and reception tables only to have the venue's staff screw them up during set up on your big day, use photos on each storage box to show exactly how each table and design element should look.  This will also serve as a double check for you to make sure you packed all items that should be utilized at your wedding.

My best friend is getting married this summer and she is one of the most cool, calm and collected brides I have ever met.  That said, she has received an influx of wedding magazines and guides from friends and family that mostly have served as coasters on her living room coffee table.  She did mention that she absolutely loves and has used one magazine -- Real Simple Weddings.

After scanning the pages, I had to agree with her that Real Simple publishes the most fantastic magazine for planning purposes.  The magazine includes an insert with a detailed timeline as well as tips on beauty, design, fashion and wedding etiquette.  I can wholeheartedly say that as a bride you can forego the three ring, ten pound wedding planning binder and pick up a copy of this magazine instead.  As event industry pros say, "Kiss Kiss" or {keep it simple sweetheart}.  Planning should be fun and simple!