Tip of the Day #52: Keep Your Cool During Wedding Slip Ups

Tip of the Day #52: Keep Your Cool During Wedding Slip Ups Although I swore to myself that I would only share this embarrassing story with my closest kin, I feel like it is time to spread the love with the WedInsider community.  When all is said and done, accidents happen.  Contrary to popular belief, weddings are not always seamless fairytales.  The important step is how you recover from a slip up because guests most likely  have no clue that there may have been a wrench thrown in your seamless wedding plans.

This past May I was fortunate enough to serve as a bridesmaid for my boss Sheryl's wedding.  Although I have been a part of quite a few weddings, I often become uncomfortable during Catholic wedding ceremonies due to my unfamiliarity with the traditional practices.  I am half Jewish, half Christian but am more spiritual than religious.  While up at the altar in front of Sheryl's 250+ guests, the Priest directed the wedding party to cross in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.  I panicked and ended up STIRRING my bridal bouquet in a circle as if I was Bette Midler working a bubbling cauldron in Hocus Pocus.  I then proceeded to giggle uncontrollably to myself because I was tickled by my own awkward reaction to a very serious practice.

Luckily, Sheryl and Dave did not pick up on my quiet cackle but shared a good laugh with me after the ceremony when I admitted my very public slip up.  Here I am, grinning from ear-to-ear with the blushing bride and her bridal party, hidden {of course} by my witch's brew bouquet.

Let's face it -- weddings are extremely stressful and full of pent up emotion.  There are so many factors that go into the planning and management of one special day that has been hailed as the "Most important day of your life."  That is an incredible amount of pressure and a wedding should be about the memories with friends and family, not the wedding band that got stuck in traffic or ring bearer walking down the aisle picking his nose.  Every unique moment and story from your wedding adds to the charm of the day.

Looking back now, if I didn't know Sheryl's husband better I would have been terrified to tell him about my slip up.  Seriously, look at the guy!  (Yep, he's the one lovingly strangling his groomsman!)  Luckily, his bark is louder than his bite and he's one of the biggest jokesters that I know.  All in all ladies, just chill out, ride the wedding wave and take some time to laugh a little on your special day!