Tip of the Day #51: How to Make a Wedding Theme Work

Tip of the Day #51: How to Make a Wedding Theme Work After countless Sundays spent watching David Tuera's My Fair Wedding, it has become evident that there are brides who subscribe to the notion that weddings must be themed.  To date, I have seen Dia de la Muerta, Fairy, Candy Land, Burlesque, and Goth themed weddings to name a few.  Similar to the over-emphasized eye rolls from David, time after time I find myself eagerly awaiting the cringe-worthy moment when a bride reveals her do-it-yourself table of wedding theme projects gone wrong.

The truth of the matter is, wedding themes CAN be fun and fabulous if done right.  Although I am completely biased because she is one of my closest friends in the universe, my bestie Lindsey's wedding theme "Keep a green tree in your hearty and perhaps a singing bird will come" was planned to absolute perfection.  By nature, Lindsey is an earthy bride and she pulled in a myriad of homemade D-I-Y elements into her wedding including homemade chalkboards and mason jars laced with burlap as a nod to her profession as a teacher and current residence in rural Connecticut.

The key to a successful wedding theme is all in the details.  Enjoy a few of my favorite shots from Lindsey's nuptials provided by the fabulous Kate Connolly Photography with Off BEET Productions.  Yes, it really was THAT good.


Top 3 Tips for Successful Wedding Themes:

*Don't take a theme too literally.  If you are planning a "Fairy" themed wedding, pull from the notion of fairy dust on table designs and create a color palette around fictional fairy characters.  Steer clear of tutus and actual fairy impersonators, this is your wedding not Halloween after all!

*Proper fashion is paramount.  A puffy princess ballgown and bright pink bridesmaid dresses won't be in tune with a casual beach wedding.  Same goes for a strapless mermaid gown for your "Winter Wonderland."

*Use food and beverages to enhance your wedding theme.  If you plan to incorporate traditional wedding garb and design ideas from your unique heritage, bring in unique dishes and cocktails to add to the experience.