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Tip of the Day #75: How To Stage Pre-Wedding Prep Photos

Tip of the Day #75: How To Stage Pre-Wedding Prep Photos We've all seen them - the ridiculously fun and adorable Pinterest photos of best friends jumping on the bed, wearing matching kimonos and gazing into a mirror at each other as they beautify hours before walking down the aisle.  Getting ready to "go out" has been a sacred past time for women and the series of wedding day prep photos have become just as important as actual wedding photos.  My dear friend Lindsey perfectly pegged the pre-wedding prep photos for her spectacular wedding in July of 2012.  Enjoy my top tips for staging pre-wedding photos.

Pick a Neutral Background Lindsey's childhood bedroom truly was the perfect backdrop for her wedding prep photos with the bright pops of color in her decor and home furnishings.


Clean out the Clutter When preparing your hair, make-up and wedding day "dressing room," clean out the clutter to avoid awkward eye-sores like dirty laundry and phone bills.  If you are getting ready in a hotel room, ask your bridesmaids to put their personal items in a closet or bathroom to create a more neutral space.


Choose a Space with Natural Light Whether you are getting ready in your childhood home or a swanky hotel, both your photographer and make-up artist will need to work in a space with great lighting and minimal visual distractions.  If possible, choose to set up a space that is near large windows or in a room that has a dimmer light switch so you  an adjust the lighting accordingly.




Set a Dress Code If you don't plan on providing decorative robes or shirts for your best gals, politely ask your bridal party to wear the same neutral outfit to get ready in.  Lindsey asked her bridesmaids to arrive dressed in a white shirt and jean shorts which helped to set the tone for her posse's overall look {which I absolutely loved - simple, didn't have to purchase any new attire and comfortable!}  If you like the look of decorative robes or button-down shirts, Etsy, the wedding DIY mecca, has great options to style your maids.



Provide Entertainment The wedding prep time will set the tone for the rest of your day.  To pass the time and keep your bridal party feeling happy, create a playlist with fun, upbeat music to keep your gals in the wedding spirit all morning long.


Stay Hydrated and Avoid the Hangry Bridesmaid Wedding beautification usually starts around 10:00 am and lasts for a few hours so keep your best girls happy with some light beverages and snacks throughout the day.  Think bubbly mimosas and healthy, light brunch bites with lots of water to hydrate.  You don't want any hangry girls glaring in the back of your photos!



Get Organized Coming from experience, there is no girl in the world that enjoys being rushed with her make-up and hair for a big event.  To make things easier on your bridal party, post a schedule of hair and make-up time slots with each girl's name so that no one is rushed through the beautification process.  Schedule a 45 minute window of time with a hair and make-up artist for each girl and advise your  consultants to stick to the allotted schedule.  Each girl will enjoy having her own glam moment.

Screen-shot-2010-09-22-at-10.42.05-AM Pay It Forward To avoid any awkward conversations or unplanned money shots, speak with your bridesmaids prior to your wedding regarding payment for wedding hair and makeup.  If you are paying for all of your girls to get ready, settle payment {including tips} after the photos have been taken.  If your bridesmaids are chipping in for their beauty services, be sure to handle payments in a separate room and provide realistic expectations for who will owe what, including gratuity.  Similar to the stress and chaos of settling the bill for a ten person dinner, keep the money talks pre-planned and under wraps.


Set Up Beauty Stations Once again, Lindsey hit the nail on the head with her beauty stations that were set up  throughout the two bedrooms her bridal party used to get ready in.  If possible, provide three to four comfortable chairs with a clutter-free flat surface and large mirrors for your beauty team to work their magic on your leading ladies.  The transformation photos are everything!

Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 6.30.21 PM

Get Girly and Have Fun! Most importantly, enjoy every single second of getting ready with your girls.   Stop stressing about your make-up, your hair, whether or not the limo will arrive on time - just let loose and have fun!  Getting ready for your wedding should be just as exciting as the wedding itself.