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Tip of the Day #13: Think Like a Wedding Guest

Tip of the Day #13: Think Like a Wedding Guest A wedding is undoubtedly the one day in a woman's lifetime that she can {attempt} to make the world revolve around her.  As exciting as it is to have full reign over the details of your special day, it is important to create an event that will leave a positive lasting impression on all guests.  Small, thoughtful details designed to make the lives' of your guests easier will have them talking about your wedding for years to come.  Here are a few quick tips for appeasing high maintenance guests.

Call a Sitter I have almost never been to or worked a wedding that did not have crying kids interrupting integral moments of a wedding ceremony.  Although adorable, kids can be unpredictable and often tire easily, especially after a full day of wedding activities.  To avoid any event snafus or friends foregoing your wedding all together due to a lack of a sitter at home, offer up a wedding baby-sitter to all of your guests with children.  A sitter will typically run about $100 for the night which is ultimately money well spent to avoid moments like the image below.

Watch the Clock I begrudgingly watched an episode of TLC's Four Weddings last week and was horrified to see that a bride made her guests wait around for over three hours between her wedding ceremony and reception so she could take photos with her bridal party.  To kill the mood further, she offered up golfing at a putting green and shopping as ways to pass the time until the reception.  I can't think of anything I would want to do less than swing a golf club for a few hours while in stilettos and a fancy dress.  The pacing of your wedding festivities is extremely important -- any lull in activity or overexertion of guests' time and energy can lead to exasperated guests.

I Would Walk 500 Miles Although it is sometimes hard to avoid, your ceremony and reception venues should be no more than thirty miles from each other.   Factors like traffic, inclement weather and parking can all influence transportation and the exasperation level of guests.  In addition, if your ceremony or reception is being held in a venue with uneven terrain such as sand, grass or exposed bricks, provide inexpensive flip flops for female guests to change into to avoid any awkward trips and slips.

Climate Control The first thing that people talk about seasonally is the weather and temperature.  Even indoors, it seems that hotels and country clubs are always ten degrees too cold.  To avoid your cranky Aunt Gertrude complaining about a venue being too cold, offer up pashminas for guests to borrow for the night.  In return, if your wedding is being held in a very warm climate, distribute customized fans and chilled bottles of water to cool guests down.

Mic Check 1-2 Wedding bands and DJs may sound great in their demo tapes, but it is always important to have an in-person discussion about sound at a wedding.  I have been to many weddings where the band plays so loudly that it is hard to hear the person sitting next to you speak.  Make sure you establish a mutual understanding with your band or DJ that if you ask to adjust the volume of the music, they will oblige without question.  The same goes for a ceremony -- make sure the acoustics allow for all guests to hear your vows clearly.

I'll Have a Slice of Bread, Hold the Carbs One of the best parts about weddings is the food.  Weddings are the one time I love to indulge in caloric devils like pigs-in-a-blanket and crab cakes.  There are, however, many guests that have dietary restrictions and preferences.  Make sure you offer up a variety of food options at both the cocktail hour and reception that will appease the pickiest of palettes.

Hail a Cab It is no secret that weddings are a time to celebrate, sometimes excessively.  Weddings are always a time to eat, drink and be merry.  To avoid any unsafe guest exits, schedule a shuttle to rotate between the reception venue and a local hotel.   For local guests, prepare cards at the favor table with a list of local taxi companies that can assist with a swift, safe ride home.