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Tip of the Day #15: It Takes Two

Tip of the Day #15: It Takes Two Today's post is going to be short and {bitter}sweet.  I was watching the news last night and was a bit horrified to see a piece on a new trend called the "Someday Bride."  Essentially, girls that are unattached are planning their weddings sans groom.  Wedding site's senior editor, Kristin Koch, writes "It's a fiancé free girl who has, you know, picked the dress before the diamond."  Yikes!

Someday Bride Shops for Her Nonexistent Wedding

I get it -- most women dream about all of the details of their weddings from a young age.  A wedding is the one time in your life when you can make the world revolve around you with an emphasis on beauty, love and eternal happiness.  My one piece of advice for those who are itching to get hitched is SLOW DOWN!  Don't ruin the excitement of a real engagement and stop to enjoy the ride.  Don't forget, honey, it takes two to pull off a wedding.