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Tip of the Day #73: Ask the Expert Guest Blog - How to Properly Choose Wedding Dress Undergarments

Let's face it, finding the proper undergarments to complement any outfit is a task in itself.  Today we are excited to share wedding dress undergarment advice from the experts at Simply Bridal who have been featured in publications like The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Rock N' Roll Bride, Yahoo! and SF Gate.  Simply Bridal's wedding dress experts have decoded what undergarments should be worn based on a wedding dress style, fabric and bride's body type.  Enjoy! -- Guest Blogger: Kristine Stone, Simply Bridal

Your wedding dress may be like something that came out of a dream, but with the wrong undergarments, it may become less than perfect. Having to tug at your dress the whole night? Gosh, no. Your underwear shows through the fabric? Awful! Is your strapless bra not gravity-defiant? Uh-oh!

Choosing your wedding dress undergarments well in advance is crucial for your overall look and comfort on your big day - and night! Here are some of our favorite options.

Strapless Bra A strapless bra is a basic if you’ve chosen to wear a strapless gown on your big day. Make sure it stays up without having to pull it up, and for the ladies with more curves, check that you're comfortable with the support it provides. Cups sewn into your bodice is an alternative that may prevent you constantly feeling like you need to adjust throughout the day.

Nude Strapless Bra from Fashion Forms

Backless Bra For a backless dress you can also opt for cups sewn your dress, or a backless bra. Backless bras are adhesive to prevent them from falling down, and you really want to make sure to buy top quality here. If the adhesive comes off with the sweat while you’re having fun on the dancing floor, you'll be in trouble!

Low-Cut Bra If your wedding dress has a plunging neckline, the last thing you want is your bra playing peek-a-boo on you while you walk down the aisle, and a low-cut bra is just the undergarment you need. Take the bra to your fittings and move around in your dress to make sure it doesn't show, no matter how much dancing you do.

Low Cut Neutral Bra from Simone Perele

Bustier| With this piece you'll be feeling ooh-la-la! Bustiers are form fitting, which is ideal for wearing under a strapless gown. This piece can lift your bust while cinching your waistline for that coveted hourglass figure. You can choose a classic bustier that ties on the back with lace, or a more modern piece that zips in the front.

Slimming Slip If you're wearing a wedding dress that will expose your figure and you're feeling a bit nervous about it, give yourself a hand with a slimming slip. When buying shapewear, make sure it lets you breathe, cool and light, and that it goes down past your thighs. This is perfect for a mermaid-style wedding gown.

Slimming Slip from Fleur du Mal

Underwear Be sensible when buying your wedding underwear. Think there's no way you'll be able to rearrange them discretely once you slip into your wedding dress? If you're going for a very clingy fabric with your dress, choose seamless underwear. It's very light, sexy and practically invisible… and super comfortable, too!

When choosing undergarments for your wedding day, make sure you give yourself plenty of time so that you can try your choices on with your wedding dress a few times. It may seem silly, but even consider putting on some music and dancing around when you’re at a fitting to make sure everything stays exactly where they should. You should take pictures from various angles to ensure you have no unwanted folds, creases or lines.


Thank you for sharing your insight, Kristine!  As a curvy girl myself who has difficulty with repeatedly finding ill-fitting and unflattering undergarments, I know just how difficult it can be to find undergarments that compliment an outfit.  If you are hesitant to order undergarments online, check out New York-based bra expert Linda's Bra Salon - it's worth the trip!  In addition, major department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Macy*s and Lord & Taylor also offer a wide array of undergarments specifically designed to wear for weddings and special events.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and splurge on the well-constructed, high-end undergarments.  The advanced fabric technology and well constructed design will take pounds off of your frame and lift you in all of the right places.  Trust me!

To find out more about Simply Bridal and their line of products, check out or visit via social media on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  Happy shopping!