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Tip of the Day #6: Leave a Lasting Impact with Personalized Favors

Tip of the Day #6: Leave a Lasting Impact with Personalized Favors

I have seen a plethora of wedding favor "trends" come and go.  After trekking home with countless sachets of stale Jordan almonds, overly potent white candles and monogrammed coasters, I am elated to see couples coming up with unique ways to tie in their personal interests through wedding favors.  Wedding favors don't have to be expensive to leave a lasting impact.

One of my favorite favors I have seen comes from one of Oh So Fabulous' past clients, Rachel and David.  Rachel the bride expressed that her favorite snack was S'mores so Tina LaMorte of Oh So Fabulous designed a S'mores To Go box as a wedding favor for guests to bring home.  Each "kit" contained a Hershey's chocolate bar, two graham crackers and two large marshmallows.  The favor was cost effective, had a sentimental value for the bride and groom and tasted delicious.

You can never go wrong with edible favors - period.  At the end of a long evening, your guests are most likely exhausted and ready for a late night snack to take home.  A few additional edible options include creating custom cookies, offering boxes of French macarons or homemade baked goods accompanied by a mini carton of milk to wash down the tasty treats.

I am and forever will be enamored with full service dessert bars.  I particularly love the design aesthetic of event guru Amy Atlas who nails thematic dessert bars like no one's business.  A dessert bar is a great way to give your guests options for picking a la carte favors at the end of the night.

Recently I have seen a lot of brides working to incorporate seasonal comforts into favor ideas.  Winter staples like hot chocolate, inexpensive mittens or scarves wrapped in a pretty bow can serve as a great parting gift for wedding guests.  In the hot summer months, chilled bottles of lemonade accompanied by fruit tarts or mini pies are a great take away for guests.

No matter what route you decide to go with favors, make them memorable and uniquely you to leave a lasting impression with guests!