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Tip of the Day #12: Wedding Trends That Need to Be Retired

Tip of the Day #12: Wedding Trends That Need to Be Retired All right ladies I'm feeling a bit snarky today so I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my post.  Weddings style is, of course, subjective to personal preferences but there are a few wedding trends buzzing around that, in my opinion, must be laid to rest.  This post will be the first in a series of retirement posts as I develop my blog.  Without further ado, I would like to say au revoir to:

1. Mustaches On A Stick, Mustache Stickers, Mustache Anything

I mustache you a question...what on earth is appealing about a woman with facial hair?  I love the idea of using props for photo booths at weddings but I am so tired of seeing beautifully decked out brides and wedding guests holding grimy mustaches on wooden rods up to their faces.  Leave the mustaches to males like my coworker's little man,  five-year-old Jack!

Mustache Prop Alternative: Frames!  I love the look of guests holding up frames to their faces or taking the trend a step further and building a set where it appears that guests are popping out of the frames.  Ts chic!

2. Blinged Out Floral Bouquets

I am all for things that sparkle but I stumbled upon this hot mess of a bouquet and can't imagine a bride carrying this bad boy down the aisle.  It looks like a tired jellyfish.  That is all.

Blinged Out Bouquet Alternative: Instead of taking the bling trend literally, incorporate interesting fabrics and textures into your bouquet.  I stumbled upon this hand-sewn cotton bouquet on Etsy and it is a great alternative to its cousin jelly fish if you are looking to have a bouquet that will last past your wedding day.

3. Butterfly, Dove Or Living Animal Release

Okay maybe it's just me but this looks like a swarm of angry bees descending on the wedding guests.  There are so many things wrong with releasing live animals at a wedding. Just say no to butterfly, dove, squirrel releases and special appearances by animals in general at weddings.  Animals are unpredictable, subject to suffering from inclement weather (read overheated deceased butterflies stuck to the side of a box) and are all-in-all a recipe for disaster.

Live Animal Release Alternative: Ribbon wands!  Ribbon wands are inexpensive, easy to make and look great in photos.  Your female guests will have flashbacks to their childhood Ribbon Dancer days (in a good, "I <3 the 90's" kind of way).

4. Traditional Guest Books

I love the general concept of guest books but it is such a shame to have guests sign a book that sits idly on your coffee table or gathering dust on a book shelf post-wedding.  Guest books are evolving and I am so excited to see unique new ways of sharing a guest's sentiments and warm wishes at a wedding.

Traditional Guest Book Alternative: I am obsessed with the idea of using art prints and having guests leave their thumbprints as their signature.  The prints can be framed and hung in your new home on display as a constant reminder of your special day.  One of my favorite designs is a tandem bike being lifted by balloons from Etsy.  Too cute!

5. Wedding Card Money Boxes

It is a necessity to stash away wedding cash and gifts at a wedding but you don't have to sacrifice style for safe keeping.  Traditional wedding card money boxes are reminiscent of toilet paper bridal gowns at bridal showers -- they're fun to make but always look like a hot mess.

Wedding Card Money Box Alternative: Wedding card birdhouse!  Super cute, super secure so your crazy Uncle Gary can't try to slip envelopes out of the top slit and pocket your wedding cash.  The birdhouse makes a great personal favor post-wedding to keep in your new home.