Tip of the Day #4: Use Up-and-Coming Vendors

Tip of the Day #4: Use Up-and-Coming Vendors One of the most under utilized but wonderfully applicable ways to cut costs on wedding expenses is to hire up-and-coming stars for your wedding.  There are hundreds of local vendors in all major metropolitan cities that are hungry to build a portfolio and gain experience in their field of expertise.  The one caveat I want to express is that you should really do your homework and research each vendor extensively and meet with them multiple times to discuss your plans to make sure your expectations are mutually understood.

Up-and-coming stars can be hired at a fraction of the cost of seasoned veterans.  Although I wouldn't recommend hiring all vendors that are new to the industry, you can save on wedding costs by hiring a band, singer or violinist from a local school, makeup and hair stylists that show promise of being exceptional but are in training programs under senior level supervision and hire additional event staff when you're in a pinch.


*Local schools (art schools, culinary schools, local universities)

Juilliard Music Students


*Salons with training programs for "green" hair stylists and makeup artists

Bumble & Bumble Salons Featuring Advanced Students


*Websites like Craigslist are great if you need to hire extra staff to do heavy lifting, assist with the quick turnover of a room if you are worried about having to use a rain plan