Tip of the Day #5: Seek Out Wedding Design Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Tip of the Day #5: Seek Out Wedding Design Inspiration in Unexpected Places It is no secret that bridal magazines and blogs are a wealth of inspiration for wedding design and decor ideas.  Gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings churned out by blandly decorated country clubs and reception halls.  The name of the game in today's wedding marketplace is unique personalization.

I often peruse sites like Style Me Pretty and 100 Layer Cake to look for interesting new ideas for reception elements, unique fashion choices and interesting favors and food elements.  Although wedding blogs, magazines and personal referrals can be a great resource for all wedding related details, there are many other places to look for amazing inspiration to keep your wedding uniquely "you."

*Restaurants:  Does the decor or lighting in a restaurant draw you in?  Does your favorite restaurant serve food in a unique or interesting way?  Take inspiration from your favorite restaurant and incorporate elements into your wedding day.

Buddakan in New York City

*Hotel Lobbies: A hotel's lobby is the first impression a guest has about a hotel's brand and overall perceived experience at the hotel.  Draw inspiration from your favorite overnight hot spot.

Gansevoort Park Hotel in New York City

*Home and Interior Design Magazines: Similar to bridal magazines, home and interior design magazines will offer a wealth of color palettes, fabric and texture inspiration as well as home tips that are applicable to wedding reception decor.

Dwell Home Magazine

*Museums, Art Galleries and Public Gardens: Museums, art galleries and gardens are a no-brainer for color inspiration.  One of my favorite elements of many museums and art galleries, though, is the actual architecture of the building.  Look for beautiful curvature in the building's frame and unique murals on ceilings and walls.  Your wedding dress detail inspiration could even come from an intricate wall trim that catches your eye. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Window Shopping:  Take a walk around your town or a nearby metropolitan city and use window displays as a source of inspiration.  Don't be afraid to snap photos of images or colors that catch your eye -- you can refer back to them at a later time to piece together elements of your wedding.

Anthropologie Storefront Window