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Tip of the Day #74: How to Incorporate a Pet Into Your Wedding

Tip of the Day #74: How to Incorporate a Pet Into Your Wedding Sometimes a pet, usually a dog, is so important in the life of a couple that they want to include it in some way in their wedding celebration.  This can range from actually having the dog participate to giving the pet special recognition.  As a dog mom myself, I can totally relate - how could you not love the sweet face of this little girl?!  Here are our top tips for featuring Fido on your special day.

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Consider Your Pet's Demeanor If you do plan on including your dog during your ceremony or reception, bring them with you to the venue so that your pet can familiarize itself with the sights and smells ahead of time.  Avoid accidents by feeding your dog in advance or having your dog sitter spend extra quality time on a walk pre-event to make sure there are no surprises during your wedding.

Hire a Sitter If you are worried about unpredictable behavior, hire a dog sitter to watch after your pet or bring them home after they have participated in your wedding.


Dress 'Em Up If you do include your pet on your wedding day, keep it festive!  For dogs, a floral collar or sparkly leash will do the trick.  Try out a mock outfit for the dog ahead of time so he or she can get accustomed to their new attire.

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Be Mindful of Your Guests Although your pet is probably the apple of your eye, some other guests may be allergic or have fears of animals.  Be mindful of your guests if you do decide to include an animal in your ceremony or reception.  In addition, most venues will only allow for service animals on the premises so make sure you have the green light from your venue before deciding on including your pet in your wedding.


Honor Your Pet's Likeness If your dog's behavior is unpredictable, honor your dog with a nod to his or her likeness.  You can have a custom cake, a cake topper or cookies made to keep your pet's spirit at the wedding.

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Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words Incorporating a pet into your reception decor on your escort card table design, in your wedding favors thank you note or on your table numbers is a unique way to keep your pet's presence felt at the wedding.

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Put Your Pet to Work If you insist on having your pet as a part of your wedding, you can have the pet stand in as a pseudo bridesmaid, groomsman or ring bearer.


Pop the Question with your Pooch Although this recommendation is more for the gents, you can use your pet as a clever way to pop the question by tying the ring to its collar of designing a sign and letting your pet do the asking for you as seen below. wedding7

Stick to Pre-Wedding Engagement Shots If you don't think your pet will be on his or her best behavior on your wedding day, incorporating a pet into your engagement shots is a perfect alternative.  My dear friend and newlywed Andrea did just that with her beloved man, Meatball.  Too. Cute. For. Words.


No matter how you decide to incorporate man's best friend in your big day, make sure you reward them with a treat and praise for being such an important part of your family.