J Crew bridesmaid

Tip of the Day #26: How to Dress Your Wedding Divas

Tip of the Day #26: How to Dress Your Wedding Divas I have to say, all of my friends have been amazing about picking out bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories.  Two of my best friends have both let their bridesmaid choose from a series of dresses from J. Crew's varied line of styles.  No two bodies are exactly alike so all bridesmaids should not be treated like an army of wedding robots!

One of the most important things to consider while picking out your bridesmaid dresses for your best gals is body type.  The "hourglass" ladies may not look their best in a dress that is extremely flattering on "apples."

In addition, some friends are more conservative with attire choices than others so make sure the dress reflects all personalities accordingly.  Similar to the "Who Wore it Better" segment in tabloids, make sure you look out for all of your friends to keep them looking like "fashion 'do's!'"

Bridesmaid dresses do not have to come from a wedding designer line -- the only thing that matters is the overall "look" of your bridal party.  Whether you decide to use different wedding dress styles, different colors, patterned dresses or unique accessories, keep your bridesmaids looking gorgeous!

I recently spotted Jessica and Ashlee Simpson posing as bridesmaids for a friend's wedding.  I absolutely love that the bride incorporated a patterned fabric into the style of her bridesmaid dresses.  No matter what you do, make your wedding fashion timeless and uniquely you!