Tip of the Day #11: Seek Out Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Discounts

Tip of the Day #11: Seek Out Wedding and Bridesmaid Dress Discounts It is no secret that wedding dresses can cost as much as a down payment on a home.    Although the majority of wedding dresses are intricately beaded with hand-sewn embellishments and details, it becomes hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on a garment that will only be worn for twelve hours, especially if you are the one footing the bill.

Although the overall experience and selection of dresses at upscale bridal salons like Kleinfeld are hard to beat, there are some great ways to cut costs while searching for wedding fashion.

For brides, stores like Off 5th Saks Avenue and Nordstrom Rack offer fantastic designer duds, including wedding dresses, at a fraction of the original price.  The shopping experience may not be as glamorous but your wallet will thank you.

Just because a dress isn't marketed as a "Bridesmaid" dress doesn't mean that it can't fit the bill to perfection!  Thankfully, modern brides today have strayed from the dress nightmares that permeated 80s and 90s wedding fashion.  Katherine Heigl The movie 27 Dresses perfectly depicted bridesmaid hell of yesteryear.

Today's hip bride typically wants her bridesmaids to look and feel as beautiful as possible.  One of the best ways to find perfect bridesmaid dresses is to hit the streets for inspiration.  Brands like BCBG, Calvin Klein, David Meister, DKNY and Elie Tahari to name a few all offer beautiful, on-trend special events dresses that are perfect for weddings.

Help ease the pain of bridesmaid dress shopping and send your favorite gals to shop at department stores like Nordstrom, Macy*s or Lord & Taylor to search for bridesmaid dresses.  The return policy at major department stores is usually much more lenient and there are frequent sales which help cut your ladies a monetary break.  My close friend Cassi was recently in a wedding that featured non-traditional bridesmaid dresses, don't these ladies look great?!

Another tip is to search for seriously glam dresses on sites like Rent the Runway to wow your wedding guests.  Your bridesmaids will pay a fraction of the original price of dresses and can mail the dress back once all of the wedding festivities are over.  Talk about a win-win situation!