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Tip of the Day #27: Shop Around

Tip of the Day #27: Shop Around Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend New York Magazine's annual NY Weddings Event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan.  The event featured over 100 wedding vendors including "bling" wedding celebrity names like Cake Alchemy, Mark Ingram Atelier, Georgetown Cupcake, Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, and Kleinfeld Bridal to name a few.  If there is one lesson I can bring back to my blog, it is that all brides should take time to SHOP AROUND!  There are so many wedding vendors out there -- you shouldn't feel like you need to use a certain vendor because your girlfriend recommended it or they are the only name you have heard of.  Some vendors are newer to the industry and some advertise more than others.  If you enjoy shopping and trying to find vendors that really fit with your personality and "feel" of your wedding, take the time to test a few companies before making a commitment.

There were a few highlights from the event, mainly food related (obviously).  I loved the salted caramel cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake as well as the beautiful macarons from Bouchon Bakery.  As far as trends go, I saw a lot of delicate lace dresses and accessories, dreamy pink and pastel color palettes in flowers and "bite size"  sweets and hors d'oeuvres.   I absolutely loved the installation from Confetti System.  The look is very Martha Stewartesque and modern.  Enjoy a few shots I snapped of the event.

Brides eagerly awaiting the wedding magic inside Metropolitan Pavilion!

Entrance to the NY Magazine Wedding Event...Confetti Everywhere!

Dreamy color palette for a floral installation

Girly, flowy, flowery dress.  Pretty much the only non-lace dress I spotted!

Beautiful display from Cake Alchemy

The loot!  And I'm spent.