Tip of the Day #48: iPhone Apps for the Tech Savvy Bride

Tip of the Day #48: iPhone Apps for the Tech Savvy Bride If there's one thing I know for sure it's that brides today are incredibly busy.  Very few brides have the luxury (or voluntarily want to) quit their jobs to plan a wedding.  Since the majority of young professionals today rely on their smartphones for instant information, I hand picked a few apps that are valuable tools for every bride.  Here are my top 10 choices to ease the planning process.

  Pinterest: "Pin" wedding inspiration based on style, texture, design and category.  Log into your Pinterest account during floral, design and cake meetings to show your vendors examples of what you are looking for.

  Etsy: Etsy is a goldmine for gifts for bridesmaids, fashion, jewelry, favors and paper goods.  If you are looking to move away from a cookie cutter style wedding, Etsy is a perfect option for customized items.  Their app is easy to navigate and functions similarly to the website.

  Weather Channel: If any element of your wedding is outdoors, download the Weather Channel app to keep tabs on rain, pollen counts, sunrise/sunset times and all other weather-related items.  If rain is in the forecast, consider buying inexpensive umbrellas to keep at the ceremony.

  MyFitnessPal: This app is fantastic for tracking daily caloric intakes and keeping tabs on your exercise.  If a bride is looking to drop a few last minute lbs before the wedding, this tool serves as a virtual diary to keep you on track for weight loss success.

  Instagram: Create an Instagram account and document your wedding planning meetings with photos to share with your family.  During your wedding, determine your guests' Instagram account names and follow them to view fabulous candids from the wedding.

  Shazam: If you hear an amazing song at happy hour, in the car on the radio or while shopping in a store, click on the Shazam app and the program will pinpoint the song title and artist for you.  Perfect inspiration for your bridal party's entrance into your wedding reception!

  HopStop: HopStop is particularly helpful for brides in major metropolitan areas who rely on public transportation to get around.  HopStop aids in mapping out travel routes for subways, buses, walking and driving in the most efficient and easy routes.

  CamScanner: Pure genius.  CamScanner allows users to scan a document and send it via email or text.  This app especially comes in handy if you are signing a contract and not near a fax machine or computer.

  Gilt JetSetter: Hoping to take that honeymoon of a lifetime but can't quite afford it?  Sign up for Gilt JetSetter which provides luxurious trips at deeply discounted rates.

  iWedding Deluxe: Although I have not personally used this app, I have read reviews that sing its praises.  The app includes a to do list, budget tracking, guest list management, a gift tracker and design inspiration.