Tip of the Day #42: Don't Sweat It!

Tip of the Day #42: Don't Sweat It! I am all for a bride looking her very best on her wedding day but recently read about the most disturbing diet trend to hit weddings, well...ever.  There is a new diet called the K-E Diet that involves having a feeding tube inserted up the nose to generate dramatic weight loss.  Brides are fed a mixture of protein, water and fat totaling 800 daily calories for ten days straight.  Extreme?  You betcha!  Safe?  By the looks on this {glowing} bride's face, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is probably an unsafe and miserable way to drop unwanted pounds.

To lose weight and feel great before your wedding, here are a few of my tried and true healthy weight loss secrets.  My advice is to start a work out and healthy eating regimen at least three months out from your big day.  There is nothing more effective than old fashioned hard work when it comes to improving your overall health.  A few small changes will go a long way in how you look and feel on your special day.

Food Tips:

*Cut out alcohol.  If you must have your daily glass of wine, pour half of a glass and add seltzer to cut down on calories.

*Eat breakfast!  Be sure to incorporate a protein rich food like steel cut oatmeal or eggs to keep you satisfied for longer.

*Binge on water!  Every soda, mid-day frappuccino and glass of juice adds up.  Add a slice of lemon or lime to give your water some zest.

*Replace your morning coffee with tea.  Coffee seems relatively harmless until creamer, syrup and other ungodly additives are included.  Tea will give you an energy boost, fill you up and remain low in calories.

*Be a savvy sampler!  Just because your cake tasting features "bite size" pices of cake doesn't mean that the caloric intake will be bite size as well.

*Keep snack packs on hands!  Whether you like carrot sticks, low calorie protein bars or a handful of raw almonds, always stash away snacks in your purse for moments of hunger desperation.

*Track your food intake on your phone via apps like MyFitnessPal which will help to keep your daily intake in check.

Exercise Tips:

*Grab a friend!  Exercise is always easier when you have a friend by your side.  Try out a Bikram (hot) yoga class, shake that thang for a Zumba class or go for a long run.  If you and a friend are relying on each other to complete a work out, there will be additional motivation to make working out a permanent habit.

*If you are an exercise novice, spring for a personal trainer!  You only get married once so a trainer is worth the initial splurge.  Trainers are experts in the field and will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

*Take advantage of every moment you can walk instead of drive.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride a bike from your home to the train station -- whatever it takes to get you moving, the extra calorie burn will add up over time.

*Get some Zzz's!  The more stabilized your sleep pattern is, the less likely you are to slack off on work outs and a healthy diet.  Try to get at least 8 hours of shut eye every night.

*Enlist in a branded Bridal Bootcamp!  There are hundreds of brides just like you looking to whip their butts into shape for their weddings.  Find a Bridal Bootcamp in your area and share your wedding planning stories with new friends over a long sweat session.