Tip of the Day #29: Focus on Wedding Photography

Tip of the Day #29: Focus on Wedding Photography I was recently speaking with a colleague about his daughter's wedding last summer and he kept lamenting how he was so disappointed that their wedding photographer missed a significant number of memorable moments at the wedding.  After receiving their proofs back, it became evident that the photographer failed to capture images of the bride and her mother getting ready together which is an extremely significant moment at a wedding.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for a couple to provide their wedding photographer with a comprehensive shot list and meet with a wedding photographer multiple times to walk thru the poignant moments planned for the day.

When it comes to wedding photography, don't skimp on the quality of your photographer.  Do extensive research, take time to meet with your photographer and  decide on the style of wedding photos you hope to achieve.  Some photographers are journalistic, some are formal, and all photographers have a varied level of background and expertise.  I always recommend having a photographer have two shooters so no moments are missed.

When you meet with your photographer, make sure you feel at ease with them and "click" with their personality.  You will, after all, be spending almost every minute with your photographer so you need to be comfortable around your photography team.  As always, take inspiration from images you have seen in other weddings and make sure you express your photo goals to your photography team.  I love when couples are playful and creative with their wedding photos, similar to the couples below.  Enjoy a few of my favorite wedding shots!