Tip of the Day #9: Use Pinterest To Organize Your Wedding Vision

Tip of the Day #9: Use Pinterest To Organize Your Wedding Vision My new obsession this month is virtual pinboard, Pinterest.  The website serves as one of the latest and greatest online tools for organizing wedding and design inspiration.  In my Pinterest world, I have three multi-million dollar mansions with impeccably designed rooms, a wardrobe that would put Rachel Zoe to shame and a private chef that whips up unique culinary confections on a daily basis.  A girl can dream, right?


Although Pinterest does feel a little bit like an online dream board, the free site boasts user friendly navigation, an opportunity to sort photos neatly into categories and boards of your choosing and an opportunity for "followers" to view and comment on your posts.

If you are trying to decide on bridesmaid dresses and accessories, wedding cake designs, colors for your reception or any other elements of your wedding, you can post boards for your family and friends to view and have them chime in for feedback.  The tool is also a great way for you to share wedding inspiration with your wedding planner to give a better idea of your vision.

Go ahead, follow me @jlenck.  Happy pinning!