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One month down and we're already off to a fast start in 2018!  Tavern on the Green and Hyatt House invited us to tour their newly-renovated venues, both classic wedding locations with distinctly unique features. The month also included coffee dates with many of our hard-working industry friends for some good ol' face time as well as planning meetings for an educational event series for brides (more details to come in the next few months!)

We hope you enjoy our recommendations for February's latest trends, best vendors, and timely networking events for brides, industry professionals and wedding enthusiasts. 

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Trend of the Month - Wearable Flowers

No matter the location, budget or culture, flowers are the hallmark of a wedding.  Bridal bouquets, reception centerpieces and the occasional floral hair accessory are staples that make up the formula of a wedding.  

Florists are stepping outside of the box and creating wearable flowers including head pieces, collars and jewelry.  The juxtaposition of the bright blooms against a clean white dress creates a beautiful contrast.  


Vendor Spotlight - Get to Know Melissa Ann Makeup Artist

When clients come to us and ask about what criteria to look for when choosing a makeup artist we always suggest brides find an artist that puts them at ease as if they were getting ready with friends for a night out on the town.  Melissa Polito of Melissa Ann Makeup and Metamorphosis New York fits the profile to a "T" for her ability to remain cool under pressure and for setting the tone of a lighthearted vibe on an otherwise stressful day. Melissa shares her best advice on makeup tricks and tips for wedding day beauty.  


How to Prepare for a Trial
It’s important to let your artist know if you have any known allergies to products. If you love something in your personal makeup kit bring that along with you. Make sure to have some pictures of the styles and looks you want to try. Pinterest is a great tool to use! When you are looking up some styles try and search with your personal features, i.e. a soft bridal look for blondes or makeup for green eyes. If you’re not sure of the look you want to go for it is helpful to have some pictures of yourself with your typical day to day makeup as well as a picture of your makeup from a formal affair or party. This helps the artist get to know you and your style. Don’t be afraid to be honest when you look in the mirror. A makeup artist's job is to make you feel absolutely beautiful. For hair, if you are thinking of extensions, a hair piece or a veil you can bring these items with you to incorporate them into your trial look.

How to Schedule a Large Bridal Party
Get organized as soon as you can with a final count of how many girls are receiving each service. Depending on the amount of people in the bridal party an additional artist or two may be needed. The total number of people is also going to help the artist create a schedule for the day to make sure there is enough time to create a polished, cohesive look for the bridal party.

When to Schedule a Beauty Trial
Scheduling your trial on the same day as engagement photos, an engagement party or bridal shower is a great time to have your makeup and hair trial done. You will get to see how the overall look photographs and how you feel in the look for the day. It also allows a makeup artist or hair stylist to make tweaks to a bride's wedding day look (ie. lip color, more blush, hair up/down etc.). A dress fitting is another great time for your trial.  You will not only feel beautiful trying on dresses but you will get a preview of how you will look on your big day.

Consider the Wedding Climate
The weather plays a big role in how your hair and makeup will look and hold up for 12 hours. Booking a trial a year from your wedding helps a beauty professional to see how the climate affects your skin and hair. Colder months can leave your skin less hydrated as warmer months can be oily and/or more prone to sweat. By doing a trial in the same season as your wedding day a beauty pro can see exactly how your skin reacts to the natural landscape and make any necessary changes. The same goes for hair; we can adjust styles or products based on the body's natural reaction to heat or cold air.

Keep Feedback Honest
Feedback on your trial is extremely helpful whether it’s good or bad. A makeup artist's sole goal is to make their clients look and feel their absolute best. If you are not happy or comfortable with a certain look it is so important to communicate the details with your artist. Sometimes it’s a small change that makes all the difference. If you absolutely love everything you can share that, too. There is no sense in being shy with your feedback for your look on one of the most important days in your life.

Touch Ups at the Wedding
If it's within your budget you should definitely talk to your artists about staying with you for touch ups. They will help keep you looking fresh and flawless throughout your pictures, help keep an eye out for any shine, reapply lips, or do damage control post cry session. If you don’t want to have someone stay you can ask for recommendations on key products you can use for touch ups including lipstick, blush and powder.

Beauty Regimen for a Bride
In order to maintain good skin health you want to start a skin care regimen as soon as you get engaged. This doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars. Brides should find a system that matches their skin type  including a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. Along with the skin care, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day helps to regenerate skin cells. The food and drinks you consume all play a role in your overall skin and hair health so having a well-balanced diet will keep your skin and hair in great shape. Supplements like Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides can also help to jump start hair and nail growth.

Bridal Beauty Treatments
Pursuing beauty treatments should be considered on an individual preference. You may have friends that have tried botox, eyelash extensions or fake nails and swear by the procedures but if that is not your style, don’t do it. Make sure to do some research on the best doctors or spas in your area and ask for testimonials from other clients. If you do pursue a more invasive treatment like botox or cool sculpting, make sure to do it at least a month before your wedding so you can give your body time to react and heal from the procedure. If you're considering a spray tan for your wedding you should do a trial run a few weeks prior to the wedding to find the right tone and pay attention to the color transfer to make sure your wedding dress is protected if you tend to sweat.  


Let's Get Together! - Upcoming 2018 Networking Events for Brides + Wedding Professionals

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